Speech and language assessment

An assessment of your child’s communication can be arranged at your home or in their educational setting. An assessment involves listening to your child and gathering information from you about their language development and your concerns. It may also involve some standardised tests and gathering further information from education staff to make sure we have the whole picture of their abilities.

Assessments for different children vary in time and complexity and cost from £150.

Speech and language therapy

Following assessment we will go through therapy options with you. We aim to be flexible around family needs and budgets. Together we will decide whether therapy takes place at home or in an educational setting. We may provide your child’s key worker or teacher with resources or advice. We will provide you with all the advice and resources you need to help your child at home and can point you towards reliable websites for more information. During term time we aim to respond to all your phone and email questions within 48 hours.

Therapy sessions cost from £75 with a speech and language therapist (SLT) and from £45 with a speech and language therapy assistant (SLTA).

The number of sessions a child needs varies hugely. Some difficulties we can “fix” and for children with complex difficulties we aim to ensure they reach their full potential.



From the first session onwards, we were given specific resources and talked through activities and practice to carry out with our child in order to make the best progress, week by week. Our questions and concerns were always answered in full and with excellent insight. I fully believe that if we’d have waited for NHS intervention, the ‘rot would have most definitely set in’ and I don’t think we would have seen the results we did, having caught it just in time.

I would highly recommend Jan’s services to anyone with a child with a speech and language delay.

A Mum and Nanny near Andover

Jan provided – in collaboration with the NHS – a good initial assessment of where our son was and then a tailor made approach for our child that could be executed at our home. The speech exercises themselves were well thought out and fun – including games to facilitate running around in the garden. To our son these proved far more engaging and in our view were more appropriate for an active little boy then any that can be achieved in a hospital environment. On a personal note, Jan inspired much confidence in my husband and I that we had given our son the best start as he entered reception class. She provided us with regular verbal reviews and ideas for how to help support our son, as well as concise and pithy feedback reports that were invaluable in liaising with other professionals. Look no further for speech support for your child.


Mr & Mrs Thomas, Winchester

Parents of 4 year old boy

Phoebe was great with Charlie and I have noticed more clarity in his speech and it’s given us lots to work on (January 2017).

Mum to 5 year old, Sparsholt

My 6 year old daughter was having difficulty with certain sounds and we asked Talking Outcomes to meet her and assess whether they were ‘normal’ within her age range and if she would simply outgrow her difficulties or whether she needed some guidance and help in forming the correct sounds. Jan (Baerselman) not only specifically identified which sounds and clusters she was struggling with (more than we had realised) but she gave my daughter the tools to adjust her speech and the confidence to self-correct. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her meetings with Jan – I could hear her shrieking with laughter from the next room! – and was disappointed when Jan’s help was no longer required. I couldn’t recommend Jan highly enough.

Parent, Winchester

Jan made a hugely significant positive impact on the language development of our son who had been suffering with delayed speech development due to hearing problems. The rapport she very quickly developed with our son meant they were able to achieve a huge amount in a very short period of time. Our son happily and actively engaged in all her tasks and activities, which were perfectly pitched at his age, interest and ability range.

Mum, Winchester area

When I first contacted Jan I was hugely anxious about my son’s present difficulties and how it would impact his future. I felt totally ill equipped to help him and had struggled to find good support.

From that first call Jan has offered calming, practical support. She has taught me how to support my son’s language developed in a way that is fun for him. The work she has done with him has had an amazing impact. The difference in 3 months is amazing. He language comprehension increased exponentially and he is blossoming into a confident socialable little boy.

Parent, Winchester area

Jan was extremely professional, helpful and sensitive to our and our son’s feelings throughout the process. Our son very much enjoyed his weekly sessions and some of the home tasks set were entertaining as well as educational/therapeutic. He’s now speaking and using his new sounds confidently at school and at home – all very happy. Thank you Jan and Talking Outcomes!

Jan Baerselman provided speech & language therapy and support to our son during his early primary school years. Our son benefited from high-quality and well informed development techniques and we also noticed a marked improvement in his self esteem. As parents we were very appreciative of Jan, who provided an excellent intermediary with the school, helping us to resolve difficult and sensitive matters in respect to our son’s education and welfare.

Father of P, aged 8, Hampshire

Jan is a thorough professional who helped our son and us as parents a great deal.  We engaged Jan’s services to support our child in mainstream school.  She was prompt, engaging and thought holistically about our son’s situation.  Her approach was to develop the environment so that there was continual SALT stimulus to support development rather than one-off sessions.  So Jan helped us and teachers at school to provide equipment, techniques and support to enable our son to develop his speech and language.   We never felt that we were dependent on Jan’s services and worked with her and without her for periods of time very successfully.   We greatly valued her advice and support throughout this period.  Our son is now in a specialist school and receiving SALT within an environment similar to that which Jan was trying to achieve.  He is thriving on it.

Dave, Father of 9 year old, Winchester

Jan has helped Harry enormously with his speech, as well as showing us as parents ways to help Harry.  He always looked forward to Jan’s visits and the fun games used to help his speech sounds.  We found Jan to be professional, positive and friendly at all times.  Thank you so much for all of your help.

Jo Slater

Mum of Harry, aged 4

We’re so grateful for all your advice and the tools and pointers you gave us so that we could better help J. Last time you saw us, In June, he had started combining key words and you said the “little words” would come along in due course. So a week or so later, along they started coming! He’s been talking in sentences for a while now, and chatters all the time.

Thank you so much, once again, for your support along the way and the confidence you gave us to be able to help him. He really enjoyed your visits too, which made it all very easy. So thank you!

Mum of J aged 2y 6m, Southampton

Morning Jan, Just to let you know that next week Zara is going to be a “Snowman in the school show” and not a “no-man in the dool sew” !!! 😀

Mum of Zara, aged 6, WInchester

Jan is a great therapist and has developed a good rapport with our son. She is a constant source of good ideas that enable us continue the therapy outside her sessions.

Jan has made a huge difference to our daughters development. Working on speech, language, and now at secondary level a broader range of areas, we have seen huge progress. Jan has worked brilliantly with the school to help support them and provide resources for them and us.

Parent, Hiltingbury