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Do you have children with delayed language in your Early Years setting or settings?

Would you like to skill up your Early Years Practitioners to provide interventions for children with language and communication delay?

Are you aiming to make your Early Years setting/s more communication-supportive?

Then Early Talk Boost might be for you

As the speech and language specialists, Speech and Language UK have designed an innovative tool for educators – Talk Boost – so you can reach the children who need it. Early Talk Boost is aimed at 3 – 4 1/2-year-old children who struggle with talking and understanding words. It can significantly accelerate children’s language progress by helping them to catch up with their peer group.

We can train and support your practitioners to screen children’s language and communication, deliver the intervention and to measure the impact.

Our speech & language therapists/assistants are licensed Early Talk Boost (ETB) Tutors and we can arrange remote or face to face training on INSET days or twilight sessions to suit you.

If you are considering ETB for several settings in a cluster; a multi-academy trust or across a whole Local Authority, this is also something we can offer.

Early Talk Boost Training (ETB) options and costs

There are 2 costs to implementing ETB in a setting.
The first is buying the Early Talk Boost Intervention Pack (£500 rising to £545 in January 2023).

The pack includes everything you need to run the intervention:
• The Early Talk Boost Intervention Manual containing detailed group session plans and required resources
• 10 Jake & Tizzy Complete Sets (Titles 1-8) that have been specifically designed and written for the intervention
• Early Talk Boost Participant Book (for the training day)
• Tool Bag including the resources needed for intervention activities
• Access to the Online Tracker where progress can be monitored to support Pupil Premium

Before training takes place, you will need to ensure that your settings have bought the ETB intervention pack. 

The second is the Early Talk Boost training (costs set out below).

Practitioners have told us they are better able to implement the ETB when they receive support from an ETB tutor after the training. Hence we offer an ‘Early Talk Boost PLUS’ option which includes follow-up support from an ETB tutor after training.

What’s included?

  • Early Talk Boost (remote)
  • Early Talk Boost PLUS support (remote)
  • Early Talk Boost (face to face)
  • Early Talk Boost PLUS support (face to face)
Whats Included Early Talk Boost (remote)Early Talk Boost PLUS support (remote) Early Talk Boost (face to face) Early Talk Boost PLUS support (face to face)
Whats Included
4 hours Early Talk Boost training from licensed ETB tutor✔ (remote)✔ (remote)✔ (face to face)✔ (face to face)
Demonstration & support on how to assess children & complete the online impact measurement (we will provide a 1/2 hour remote support session to help you with assessment and give you unlimited access to our demonstration video of how to assess a child) ✔ (remote)✔ (remote or face to face)
Observation of an ETB intervention group run by your practitioner and guidance to build on good practice (we will observe one of your early ETB intervention groups in action and give you supportive feedback - apprx 45 mins)✔ (remote)✔ (face to face)
Personal telephone helpline to access support/advice on any aspect of Early Talk Boost implementation for a 20-week period from the ETB training date. Calls/emails responded to within 3 working days during term time (we will provide up to 1 hour of support)✔ (remote)✔ (remote)
Cost£310 (for 4 hours training)£380 (for 6.25 hours training/support)£460 Plus travel costs (for 5 hours training)£630 Plus travel costs (for 7.25 hours training/support)
Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

As there is a practical/workshop element to the training, we can train up to 15 participants at once. 

Optional extras

Training spread over 2 x two-hour sessions - £80 extra Training spread over 4 x one-hour sessions - £120 extra

Travel costs

A - Local (within 10 miles of Talking Outcomes Office) - £12 per visit B - Non-local (between 10.1 miles and 20 miles) - £22 per visit C - Long distance (20.1 miles or more) - £60 per visit. Plus £40 per hour for every hour (or part thereof) over a 45-minute drive We recommend having a conversation with one of our ETB tutors, before you make decisions, to ensure Early Talk Boost is right for your setting/s and to check dates and availability.

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