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We offer sponsored speech therapy for a child with speech & language difficulties whose needs you are not able to meet.

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Early Years Team Leader, Winchester

Jan is providing a bespoke support package based on the individual needs of a child in my class. The child is extremely engaged in the work Jan has been doing with her and the impact on the child’s confidence and speech has been brilliant in such a short time. Jan is extremely professional and feeds back progress and activities with us to enable support to be followed up in class. Jan also adapts the work to suit the child and to enable the child to succeed despite her challenging behaviour. This would be a great use of pupil premium money for schools wanting to target specific speech and language needs.

Class Teacher, Winchester

Our Talking Outcomes therapist was extremely approachable and provided useful strategies for class teachers to use with the identified pupil.

Paula Jennings, Manager, Broughton Pre-school

Jan was amazing, completely engaging and full of excellent ideas, tips and advice which she took the time to explain in full to me when I sat in on sessions, as well as patiently answering all my questions after sessions. Progress was swift, even after one session, and we were able to support the child very well between sessions by following Jan’s clear instructions. Both children from our setting who worked with Jan greeted her with glee and were eager to come and start ‘playing’ with her. The parents of both children also praised Jan endlessly and were thrilled with the progress their children made.

SENCO, Winchester

Working with Talking Outcomes, in particular with Jan, has been a pleasure. Not just for us as adults but also for the children involved. They have loved every minute of working with Jan and learning key and crucial skills in a fun and exciting way. Jan has been superb in communicating with both us as a school and with parents whilst maintaining a very high degree of professionalism. Our children have excelled within her company and we are all very grateful for the expertise and support provided by Jan. Thank you Jan and the whole of Talking Outcomes.

Class Teacher, Independent School, Winchester Area

I have received amazing support and guidance for the child in my class as well as some useful tips on other children, EAL.