We have been using the confidential, anonymous Talking Outcomes E-questionnaire (TOE) to measure client satisfaction and improve our service

Quality Improvement

The Talking Outcomes E-questionnaire (TOE) allows parents, carers, and school staff to provide us with feedback on what is important to them. We have been collecting feedback since March 2017, and have acted on this to improve quality.

Our therapists are of the highest quality. Feedback has shown that our therapists are highly professional, are able to build a positive relationship with the child, and provide excellent support to parents and others in order to help them support their child.

One comment from a parent was that they felt the appointments were “expensive”, but “money well spent”. In response we have started including a free written summary report after initial assessment, and we are training an increasing number of school staff to enable us to deliver better value therapy programmes.

Talking Outcomes provides a very flexible service, aiming to provide appointments around the demands and priorities of family life. In response to feedback, and in order to provide even more flexibility for clients, we have built a clinic room to which parents can bring their children for therapy sessions.

We also ask clients how likely it is that they would recommend us to others, on a scale of 1-10. This gives us a score from -100 to 100, which is known as a Net Promoter Score (NPS). Our NPS is currently 67 (responses from 60 clients).