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Talk Boost

What they say about Talk Boost

Year 1 have reported that they have noticed a very positive improvement with the children they are doing Talk Boost intervention with, which is great news and they are following it through in class.

It’s looking really positive with the Talk Boost intervention re-assessment – it looks like the children have made good progress and the majority of sections are now green.

Sue Ash - St Deny’s Primary School

Throughout this year we have run seven Talk Boost groups across Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. All children make 9-12 months progress upon completion of the intervention which is still the highest rate of progress from any other intervention we have trialled.

Tarnia Townshend

Deputy Headteacher, Bidbury Infant School, Hampshire

Jan made the course interesting and relevant to our school. She worked with children to demonstrate how to deliver the programme. She made these sessions lots of fun for the children.

A good course, lots of information on how to deliver the activities. Useful for TAs to have an intervention programme that includes resources mainly already prepared.

Would you recommend this course to others? Yes (4/4)

Staff at St Denys Primary School, Southampton