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Regular Speech & Language Therapy

What they say about Regular Speech and Language Therapy

We have been using Pupil Premium funding to buy in support from Talking Outcomes for children in Year 2. In a short space of time Jan has worked collaboratively with parents, class teacher and learning support staff to create a coherent intervention plan which everyone is working towards. School staff and the children have benefitted hugely from her input which has included:

  • Jointly teaching a lesson showing children exactly how to request clarification
  • Provision of resources & demonstrations for our ELSA to support a child’s communication
  • Generation of ideas with the class teacher around promoting inclusion and developing a child’s emotional vocabulary

She has jointly planned another team teaching session aimed at improving children’s communication skills for group & pair work. We are expecting this to be as entertaining and valuable for the children as her previous input.

Jan’s creative ideas, her can-do attitude and her understanding of the pressures that school staff face have led to a highly successful working partnership. Her specialist knowledge around children’s communication has been invaluable and I would highly recommend anyone wanting to address communication in their school to contact Talking Outcomes.

Brain Macdonald

Assistant Headteacher & Teacher in Charge of Looked After Children, Otterbourne Primary School

Jan is providing a bespoke support package based on the individual needs of a child in my class. The child is extremely engaged in the work Jan has been doing with her and the impact on the child’s confidence and speech has been brilliant in such a short time. Jan is extremely professional and feeds back progress and activities with us to enable support to be followed up in class. Jan also adapts the work to suit the child and to enable the child to succeed despite her challenging behaviour. This would be a great use of pupil premium money for schools wanting to target specific speech and language needs.

Early Years Team Leader


I have been very impressed with the consultant who came to work with a child in my class. The child improved a great deal because I was given some good ideas in which to monitor the improvement in a few weeks. Having limited experience of children with speech problems I felt i had the confidence to help this child improve a little bit everyday.

Class teacher, Winchester

Talking Outcomes has supported a child and his family who we jointly work with. The child’s speech and language has made vast progress and his confidence has grown at home and in the pre school. The support given to the family by Jan has been fantastic and they have built up a strong working relationship which has benefited the child immensely.

Pre-school Manager, Eastleigh


Jan is brilliant at demonstrating and explaining how to support our pupil. She always makes time to help with any queries and issues which may arise, achieving practical solutions on every occasion. She listens and adjusts according to feedback received.

Teaching Assistant, Independent School, Hampshire

Working in conjunction with the school’s aims, Talking Outcomes has provided a positive platform for pupil’s with speech difficulties to develop their confidence and proficiency with talking out loud and using vocabulary more effectively.

Pre-school Manager, Eastleigh