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What they say about SLC INSETs

I don’t just have the one strategy to try next week, now I have two or three. I am excited to put [them] into practise, not only with children with SaLT but my whole class can benefit.”
“Perfect mix of hands on and time to make notes.

Great pace.

Excerpts from Feedback forms: Winchester Teaching Schools Alliance (WTSA) INSET day – January 2017:

Q: What were the most interesting/useful bits of the speech and language INSET?

  • The recording and drawing from the child saying how she felt
  • Video showing children good listening with teacher and TA / active listening demonstration
  • Individual strategies and the understanding that we, as a school can do something for these children even if they aren’t ‘bad enough’ to qualify for a SaLT referral.
  • Being given useful, practical activities to do
  • Having a teacher with me from the same school so we could agree to start strategies
  • I don’t feel overloaded with information, you totally met your aim.
  • Links with literacy and language
  • The vocab learner/Word Wise Whizz strategy
  • The narrative ‘Hand’ and glove strategy
  • Active listening flash cards
  • Waiting 10 seconds strategy