Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to most questions regarding the Talking Outcomes E-questionnaire (TOE) can be found below.


What does TOE stand for?

TOE stands for Talking Outcomes E-questionnaire, a brilliantly simple electronic questionnaire which can be used to obtain valid feedback from parents, carers, school staff, and adult clients on their experiences with your service.

Why do two of the questions use a 10-point scale and the rest a 5-point scale?

The two 10-point scale questions allow you to obtain a Net Promoter Score (NPS) for your business overall and for your therapists. Net Promoter Score is an industry recognised metric for measuring customer satisfaction. If you do not wish to calculate your NPS, you can just use the 10-point scales as an indication of satisfaction out of 10.

Why does the TOE not include a question asking if the therapy worked?

The TOE is useful for obtaining client feedback on their experiences with the service. In order to measure if therapy worked, a valid outcome measure should be used.


Which TOE is right for my service?
Parent/Carer TOE

If you work with children and young people and want to obtain feedback from their parents or carers, then use this version of the TOE. It has been designed to be sent out to parents/carers after you have been working with the child/young person for a short time. The Parent/Carer TOE is included in the Paediatric Therapy TOEs option in the Shop.

School TOE

If you work with children and young people in schools and want to obtain feedback from key staff, then use this version of the TOE. It has been designed to take into account that the school may or may not have commissioned or paid for your services, and can be sent to any member of staff (e.g. SENCOs, LSAs, teachers). The School TOE is included in the Paediatric Therapy TOEs option in the Shop.

Adult Client TOE

If you work with adult clients, then use this version of the TOE. It has been designed to be completed by either the adult client themselves, or by the person working with the adult client. If the adult client has language or literacy difficulties, then this version may not be suitable for them, however can still be sent to the adult’s carer or person who is working with them. The Adult Client TOE is included in the Adult Therapy TOE option in the Shop.

Assessment TOE

This version of the TOE is suitable for use with clients who have received assessment followed by written and verbal feedback, where no therapy has been delivered. The Assessment TOE is available as a Parent/Carer version and School version (included in the Paediatric Assessment TOEs option in the Shop), and Adult Client version (included in the Adult Assessment TOE option in the Shop).

If your service is predominantly assessment only and you have not or do not wish to buy another TOE version, you can buy the Assessment TOEs at full price. If you have previously bought another version of the TOE, the Assessment TOEs are available at half price in the Shop.

Upcoming versions of the TOE

We are working on gradually developing several new versions of the TOE to accommodate a wider range of services. These versions include:

  • Training course: to obtain feedback from attendees at training sessions that you have delivered
  • Supervision/mentoring: to obtain feedback from your other therapists that you supervise and mentor, or from student therapists that have a placement with you
  • Aphasia friendly version: to obtain feedback from adult clients who have aphasia
How can I keep up to date with new versions of the TOE

If you have already bought a TOE, then you will be kept informed of any new versions that we release. If you have not already bought a copy, but would like to be kept informed of TOE developments, please email us at and we will add you to our mailing list.

Google and Gmail

Why do I need a Gmail account to use the TOE?

The TOE has been created in Google Forms, a widely used online survey/questionnaire creator. In order to obtain a copy of the TOE, send it to your clients, and access the data obtained from your clients, a Google/Gmail account is required.

Should I use my personal Gmail account or set up a new account for use with the TOE?

It is up to you. If you send the questionnaire to your clients from within Google Forms, the client will receive it from your Gmail email address, therefore if you have used your personal Gmail account the client will see your personal Gmail email address. If you would prefer to use your usual business email address to send the questionnaire you can do so by sending a link to the questionnaire. Alternatively, you can set up a new Gmail account just for use with the TOE.

Will I be able to send the TOE from my usual business email address?

Yes, you can choose to send the questionnaire to clients by including a link to the TOE in a normal email, from your usual email address. instructions on how to do this will be sent to you after you have purchased the TOE.

How do I set up a Google / Gmail account?

Click here and follow the on-screen instructions.

Using the TOE

How do I use the TOE?

After you have bought a copy of the TOE, instructions will be sent to you on how to send it to your clients, and how to access the feedback data.

Can I use my iPad to obtain my copy of the TOE, send the questionnaire and access the data?

iOS, the operating system on iPads and iPhones, does not work very well with Google Forms. It is best to obtain your copy of the TOE, send the questionnaire to clients, and access the feedback data, on a computer or laptop (Windows or Mac) rather than an iPad. Recipients of the questionnaire, however, can complete the questionnaire on an iPad or iPhone without any issue.

Is it possible to make changes to my version of the TOE after I have bought it?

Your copy of the TOE will be completely editable within Google Forms. Unfortunately, Talking Outcomes will not be able to provide support for editing the TOE. Guidance on how to edit a Google Form can be found here. Any changes made to questions in the TOE may affect its validity.

Can I edit the questions in the TOE?

It is possible to make changes to the questions, add new or remove questions. Any changes made to the questions in the TOE may affect its validity.

Can I add new therapist names to my version of the TOE?

Yes. Guidance is available online for how to edit Google Forms, which will help you add new therapist names to your version of the TOE

Can I remove therapist names from my version of the TOE?

Removing therapist names from the TOE is possible, however there may be some partial data loss by doing so. If you remove a name for which data exists, the data will remain in the ‘summary’ data section, however in the ‘individual’ data section the data will remain but there will be no way of telling which therapist the data relates to.

Can I print a hard-copy of the TOE to give to a client who is not online?

It is possible to print a copy of the TOE to give to a client, guidance can be found here. Data received via a printed copy will not be collated and included in graphs within Google Forms.

What do I do if I accidentally delete my copy of the TOE in Google Forms?

The instructions which will be sent to you after you have bought the TOE include how to create a master copy, in order to avoid this eventuality. Should you lose your copies of the TOE however, email and we will be happy to replace it for an admin fee of £10.

Can I share my version of the TOE with colleagues in other practices?

We’d rather your didn’t. The cost of creating and marketing a product like the TOE runs well into the thousands, and creators are paid retrospectively via the online fees. So TOE questionnaires should not be shared with people who have not paid to use them. Please direct your colleagues to where they can buy their very own, reasonably priced TOE. Many thanks.


Do Google, Google Forms, and the TOE comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines?

Yes. Google Drive, in which Google Forms are stored, is GDPR compliant. The TOE is stored in Google Forms, and any feedback data collected from clients will also be stored in Google Forms. Therapy services purchasing and using the TOE are responsible for ensuring that their own data collection practices comply with the new GDPR guidelines.

Do I need to inform recipients of the TOE about how I will used their data?

Under GDPR, businesses need to: inform their clients of who (names and roles) will be accessing the data, assure their clients that their data will be treated confidentially, and explain to their clients what the data is going to be used for. You could include this information at the top of your copy of the TOE, or in the email you send to your clients.