” With a few simple steps, school staff can improve children’s communication.
This impacts positively on children’s self-esteem, learning, relationships, and quality of life.

Our mission is to enable staff to take these steps and to make a real difference. ”

Who are we?

An experienced team of speech & language therapists (SaLTs) and consultants led by Jan Baerselman, founder of Talking Outcomes.

Jan Baerselman

Jan Baerselman


I am passionate about improving children’s communication and constantly seek innovative ways of working with schools.

My 25+ years experience providing training and intervention includes:

  • NHS Speech & Language Therapy Service Manager for Mainstream Schools in Greenwich Borough, London
  • SaLT with Hampshire County Council (HCC) Specialist Teacher Advisory Service
  • Project work for NHS Southampton City & HCC
  • Action research & guest lecturing
  • Specialist mentoring for other SaLTs
Cate Holness

Cate Holness

Associate Speech and Language Therapist

Cate has 14 years of NHS experience working with children and adults with a range of communication difficulties. Her areas of specialism include working with children who stammer and with people who have learning difficulties. She is a Makaton tutor.

Dan Gibbons

Dan Gibbons

Freelance Project Manager for Service Quality

Dan has over 6 years of experience as a Speech and Language Therapist. He works as both an independent therapist and for the NHS, and has previously worked as a therapist for a private healthcare provider. He frequently works closely with families and staff in early-years settings and mainstream schools, and in families’ homes. His main areas of interest and developing specialism are in language impairments, and he has a keen interest in research. He often works with Talking Outcomes on a freelance basis to develop and support systems aiming to increase, maintain and measure the quality of the service.

Jane Maitland

Jane Maitland


Jane runs the office. She does the finances and manages events. She has a background in design
which has ensured the new office is a delight to work in.

Sarah Gooding

Sarah Gooding

Freelance Project Manager for Value Talking Project

Sarah is turning some of Jan’s ideas into viable projects. She is currently a non-executive director and trustee working with businesses in London & Hampshire and spent 8 years as a Governor of a local primary school, latterly as Chair. She has an MBA and enjoys working with all kinds of organisations to help them to fulfil their ambitions.

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