Talking Outcomes prides itself on delivering high quality speech and language therapy.

Like many therapy services, we measure our effectiveness and our clients’ progress using SMART targets and Therapy Outcome Measures (TOMs), however we needed a way of gathering feedback from clients to improve our service further.

The Talking Outcomes E-questionnaire (TOE)

We have designed a brilliant, simple-to-use questionnaire which can be used to gather feedback from parents, carers and school staff on their experience with Talking Outcomes.

We spent over one year developing, trialing and perfecting each aspect, from the wording of the questions to the length and timing of the questionnaire. Importantly, we ensured that the TOE provides valid data which could lead to improvements in our service.

The Talking Outcomes E-questionnaire (TOE) allows parents, carers, school staff, and adult clients to provide feedback on what is important to them

  • Professionalism of the therapist
  • The rapport the therapist built with the client
  • The support the parent, carer or staff received
  • The quality of verbal and written communication
  • Convenience of the service
  • Value for money

The TOE also allows the respondent to rate their overall experience with the service and therapist and provide a testimonial, both of which can be used for marketing purposes.

Our questionnaire is available for you to buy

Three versions are available, one for use with Parents/Carers, one for School Staff, and one for Adult Clients.

The TOE will be provided to you for use in Google Forms and will be delivered to you fully personalised for your therapy practice with your company branding, and company name throughout.

Prices are detailed below. Choose your option and buy securely through PayPal.

More information about the TOE questionnaire and its design can be found here, a poster which was presented at the 2017 RCSLT Conference. The TOE was also presented at the 2018 ASLTIP Conference.

Small Company

  • Therapy practice with sole practitioner
  • Discounted price of £55 each, or £75 for all three, available until 30th April 2018
  • Price from 1st May 2018: £70 each, or £90 for all three

Large-sized Company

  • Therapy practice with 11+ practitioners
  • Discounted price of £150 each, or £180 for all three, available until 30th April 2018
  • Price from 1st May 2018: £180 each, or £210 for all three
Small Company
Medium-sized Company
Large-sized Company

After purchase you will receive a receipt from PayPal. You will also be taken to a contact form with which to provide us information used to personalise your questionnaire. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).