” With a few simple steps, school staff can improve children’s communication.
This impacts positively on children’s self-esteem, learning, relationships, and quality of life.

Our mission is to enable staff to take these steps and to make a real difference. ”

Who are we?

An experienced team of speech & language therapists (SaLTs) and consultants led by Jan Baerselman, founder of Talking Outcomes.

Jan Baerselman

Jan Baerselman


I am passionate about improving children’s communication and constantly seek innovative ways of working with schools.

My 25 years experience providing training and intervention includes:

  • NHS Speech & Language Therapy Service Manager for Mainstream Schools in Greenwich Borough, London
  • SaLT with Hampshire County Council (HCC) Specialist Teacher Advisory Service
  • Project work for NHS Southampton City & HCC
  • Action research & guest lecturing
  • Specialist mentoring for other SaLTs
Cate Holness

Cate Holness

Associate Speech and Language Therapist

Cate has 14 years of NHS experience working with children and adults with a range of communication difficulties. Her areas of specialism include working with children who stammer and with people who have learning difficulties. She is a Makaton tutor.

Dan Gibbons

Dan Gibbons

Associate Speech & Language Therapist

Dan has 5 years of experience as a Speech and Language Therapist, and has worked in the NHS, as an independent therapist, and more recently for a private healthcare provider. He frequently works closely with families and staff in early-years settings and mainstream schools, and in families’ homes. His main areas of interest and developing specialism are in autism and language impairments. He also has a keen interest in research.

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